Performance Accountability Dashboard.


Transform Goal Setting and Execution with PAD™ | Performance Accountability Dashboard for SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals

Building a performance culture within your organization is challenging.  It is hard enough to establish a good goal management and performance review process that gets adopted by employees and managers using SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, never mind CPM (Continuous Performance Management).  However, when the C-Suite and business leaders understand the importance of goal setting, goal execution and see the correlation it can have to driving better business results, HR is in the spotlight and PAD becomes invaluable.

PAD was designed as an extensible product, built on SAP Business Technology Platform, that is fully integrated with Performance & Goals to help HR enable its organization to:

  • Align the organization to the corporate strategy
  • Improve the goal setting process and align the organization to the company’s strategic imperatives and initiatives
  • Provide goal setting and goal execution insight using dashboards with drill down capabilities to identify where it is going well, and where HR needs to intervene and help improve
  • Deploy and gain adoption without a significant investment in change management with a seamless user-experience and a pre-packaged, fully integrated solution

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Features & Benefits

We offer our clients a full complement of services, along with our experience and expertise, to support your transition from planning to implementation to post go-live needs.


Improve Goal Governance, Imports and Assignments

Create smart libraries of Master Goals to prescribe goals by Business Unit, Division, Department, Location, etc. Allow managers to easily map approved master goals to employees. With PAD you can streamline import files (single row vs. multi-row) to reduce the number of admin hours required to maintain vast amounts of goal data.


Integrate Data from IT Systems

Remove the burden of users updating goals and focus on getting results. Gain insight into how your organization is executing over time. PAD is designed for companies of scale that need tools to drive goal execution and performance accountability to achieve desired outcomes.


Single Sign-On to SAP SuccessFactors

Deployed using SAP Business Technology Platform, PAD offers a seamless experience for end-users so they can easily navigate directly from SAP SuccessFactors.



Goal Setting
PAD enables HR to support the organization with its annual goal setting process with more control, more governance, and more visibility into areas of the organization that are effective at it and those needing intervention.  This is invaluable for organizations driving strategy top down at the Division, Business Unit and/or corporate levels that need a solution that makes goal setting and alignment work.

Prescriptive Goal Libraries, Designed by your Leaders
PAD enables HR and Leaders to develop and deploy organization wide goals that are context appropriate for Business Units, Divisions, Functions and Departments. PAD allows organizations to standardize objectives so users can easily select from a pre-determined list of goals to ensure organization wide alignment with business initiatives and objectives.

Goal Execution
PAD makes it easy to manage and monitor performance tied to quantifiable goals based on established business metrics.  Improve organizational performance using intuitive dashboards and drill down capabilities to see where and why certain parts of the organization are or are not performing.  Drill down to see how leaders, managers and employees are setting and managing to objectives that align to the business.

Dashboards, Drill Downs Capabilities and Actual vs. Goal Trending
PAD rolls up normalized goal data organization wide and displays it in dashboards. View goal execution from the CEO level, a Division President or a Function or Department Head.  Drill down all the way to individual goals and related action plans to see what is working and what isn’t in your organization. View trends by comparing actual results to goals.

Seamless User Experience for Progressive Companies
PAD was designed to make deployment and adoption easy with minimal change management.  The solution comes with an asynchronous pre-packaged integration to SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals to support the needs of sophisticated companies in progressive and regulated industries (e.g. Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, etc.).

Gain strategic insight and access intuitive performance accountability dashboards and drill down analytics.

  • Intuitive dashboards and drill down analytics capabilities to find problem areas and take action to ensure strategic initiatives are being executed according to the organization’s business plan.
  • Use dynamic filters to segment your data by team, department, division, location, and any other organization attribute.
  • Prescribe goals to ensure alignment and to improve goal execution.
  • Track results over time to trend progress and identify areas requiring intervention.

Add PAD to your SAP SuccessFactors Landscape

Extend Performance & Goals with PAD to ramp up goal setting, goal management and get better results!  PAD comes fully integrated to SAP SuccessFactors goal templates.

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In addition, we offer OrgInsight customers post go-live advisory and support services to ensure your team always has access to qualified consultants, product experts and support team members. As your organization evolves we help you evolve with it to ensure end-users are always engaged and you’re maximizing ROI.


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