PQE Migration Booster™

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Migrate PQE Exams to Learning Assessments

SAP is sunsetting legacy Plateau Question Editor (PQE) and customers using this critical exam and questions functionality need to migrate to the newer SAP SuccessFactors Learning assessments and questions structure in 2021 before end-of-life.

PQE Migration Booster™ makes this fast and simple! We simplify the complex and migrate customer exams and questions from Plateau PQE to SAP SuccessFactors Learning’s Assessments.


Here’s What You Get.

An end-to-end data migration solution including functional and technical services and SAP Intelligent RPA technology.

PQE Migrations Fast & Simple

Migrating thousands and thousands of records from Plateau Question Editor (PQE) to SAP SuccessFactors Learning Assessments and Questions is labor-intensive and complex. Our PQE Migration Booster solution takes the headaches out of this mandatory migration.

Mitigate Risk

Your organization depends on the Learning Function to ensure employees are certified and in compliance. Migrating thousands of exams, question libraries and associated mappings and settings is risky. PQE Migration Booster and our proven methodology mitigates that risk.

Optimize Your Resources

Learning and IT resources are valuable and should be focused on delivering best-in-class learning offerings, compliance, LMS administration and optimizations, not data migrations. PQE Migration Booster ensures your team can execute this required migration without taking them off critical tasks.


Here’s What You Get.

An end-to-end data migration solution including functional and technical services and SAP Intelligent RPA technology.

HRZ PQE Project Methodology

Using our proven 5-4-3 project methodology, we help customers to efficiently execute this critical data migration, leveraging SAP Intelligent RPA, with 5 Stages, 4 Milestones and 3 Iterations. Plus, we include 1-week of post go-live hypercare support!


One of our certified Learning Consultants will facilitate a Design Workshop to ensure you understand the overall process, guide you through key decisions, and ultimately gather your organization’s specific requirements to help our technology experts configure our RPA solution to your specific needs.

Simple 3-Step Migration Process

We simplify the complex in 3 steps: 1) Extract legacy PQE exams, question library and re-import; 2) Create new assessments and map converted questions; 3) Update Learning Items to support the new assessments and remove legacy exams.

PQE Migration Booster™ Engagements Include:

  • Learning and Technical Subject-Matter Experts
  • SAP Intelligent RPA Technology
  • Design, Configuration and Unit Testing of RPA Processes
  • Migration of Legacy PQE Questions and Exams
  • 1-Week of Post Go-Live Hypercare Support

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