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At HRIZONS EX, we help customers build integrated end-to-end experience programs from the ground up.  We use a series of accelerator principles to ensure that the customer employee experience programs are positioned for sustained success.  A strong governance behind data foundation is a prerequisite for effective maturity of EX programs. It allows for quicker dashboard build-up for stakeholders, faster understanding of results, and more efficient expansion of EX programs across the employee lifecycle. In our experience, effective ongoing integration of Employee Experience Data (Qualtrics) and Operational Data (HRIS) is a cornerstone to providing sustained business value.

Foster a Culture of Engagement Designed for Business Impact

Watch how Qualtrics EX helps you understand the voice of the employee to continuously improve employee engagement and business performance.

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Pinpoint Key Drivers of Employee Engagement to Drive Meaningful Improvement



Create a business case of how employee feedback links to business value along the dimensions of employee acquisition, retention, and productivity. Choose a particular EX solution to support the business case. Determine which experience data from Qualtrics and operational data from SAP SuccessFactors are required. Position implementation to deliver the business case, for example increasing retention of high performers orf shortening ramp-up to productivity for new hires.



Create survey instruments to optimally collect employee experience feedback in the flow of work.  Qualtrics platform provides well-researched Employee Experience value models as a starting point. For example, the EX25 model provides 25 dimensions of organizational culture and is designed for accelerated agile growth of EX programs. The path of maturing these models is guided by what works best within a specific customer business model and HRIZONS helps customers tailor general EX models to their needs.

Overall, we assist in maintaining customer confidence in the quality and utility of the X data stream offering analyses of the psychometric properties of the data and its predictive power related to business outcomes.



Establish a link between Business KPIs, Employee Engagement KPIs, and measures of direct employee experiences. Determine segments of workforce that are significantly higher or lower than the norm on these measures. Position action planning to affect business KPIs, execute changes and reassess these measures in the following survey cycle.

From driver analysis to AI-based comments processing, to dynamic heatmaps, Qualtrics puts powerful analytics tools into the hands of practitioners closest to action.

Take Action:


Rapidly distribute the results to the focus onf action, e.g., line management or specific business units. Facilitate guided team conversations that drive change through personalized results and actionable recommendations.

Sustain & Amplify:


We specialize in end-to-end integration of employee experience programs, from strategy sessions, to survey design, to technology implementation, to data analysis, to organizational change management.  In our experience, there are four key areas to accelerating business value of these programs:

  • Data foundation is like a foundation of a building. It’s not visible but you cannot build well without it.  This hidden layer can either create momentum or a drag on the business value of your program.
  • Every investment into the foundation is based on business cases with every data element linked to business value.  Strong connection to the business sustains ongoing sponsorship of the program.
  • The Qualtrics platform has exceptional analytics tools. However, to unlock value, those tools require just-in-time enablement for customer action teams across cycles of the program.
  • Focus on growing power of the business cases as the program matures.  For example, linking candidate experience, to new hire experience to matured performance allows customers to determine which sources and methods yield the best results for finding and deploying talent in support of their business strategy.

What HRIZONS® EX Offers

HRIZONS EX partnership with Microsoft Viva represents an long-term commitment to offering high-performing Customer Success and People Science consulting services. These services are meticulously designed to assist organizations in realizing their employee experience aspirations. By employing a holistic approach, HRIZONS EX combines technology, data-driven insights, and strategic guidance to help clients achieve their employee experience objectives and elevate their overall business performance.

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