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We Eliminate Gaps Between HR’s Business Requirements and Cloud Technology Solution Capabilities



Helping HR deliver innovative solutions and value to the organization and its stakeholders leveraging SAP® SuccessFactors®, SAP® Business Technology Platform and Microsoft Viva and Azure.

We act as your trusted advisor and partner to bring true innovation to the table leveraging cloud-based technologies to deliver enterprise quality, scalable business solutions. Our world-class team of experts help HR and IT deliver and improve HCM (Human Capital Management) and EX (Employee Experience) business outcomes and user experiences while reducing or eliminating HR’s dependency on IT to execute, maintain and support its HR cloud technology platforms.

We blend the functional, product and technical experience and expertise honed since our inception in 2006 to bring true collaborative innovation to the table leveraging S to successfully support customer technical needs such as:

  • Data Migrations:  extract, transform and load your PII data safely and securely using our proven and secure methods and tools
  • Integrations:  architect, build and run options with 24/7 monitoring available to ensure integrations are designed, built and maintained by HRIZONS
  • Setup: SAP Cloud Identify (IAS/IPS), SSO and OAuth

HRZ® TECHNOLOGY is more than just a service offering. Our team designs, builds, supports and scales solutions to eliminate gaps and support HR on its journey to the cloud.

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The art of possible, a process comprised of 3 guiding principles:

1. Design-Led Innovation:  Our team takes the time to understand the problem from all perspectives and stakeholders. Conceptualize – Innovate – Validate.


2. Quality Without Compromise:  Solutions solve problems. Well-designed solutions improve outcomes. We embrace each opportunity to help customers make an impact.


3. Build for Scale:  Enterprise quality requires enterprise grade foundations.  We utilize world-class cloud-based technologies such as SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Business Technology Platform to deliver scalable solutions.


Managed Services

  • Integration monitoring services powered by SAP Integration Suite
  • Pre-built integrations included in HRIZONS subscription solutions: HRZ® CLOUD HCMJDMS®, and OrgInsight™

Project Services

  • Integrations
  • Data migrations
  • OAuth and SSO
  • SAP Cloud Identify (IAS/IPS)

App Development and Advisory

  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM extension solution advisory
  • SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone innovation, development, and integrations
  • Co-development (ALL-IN development support) on SAP Business Technology Platform

We believe the first spark of an idea has the potential to change far more than is immediately measurable. Innovation happens when passionate minds collaborate to flesh out an idea that leads to a solution. We innovate, collaborate, and execute on those solutions.