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Since 2006, HRIZONS has understood that becoming an industry leader and trusted technology partner for HR operations required more than just expert knowledge and great software solutions; it demanded the perfect blend of innovation, technology, passion, and an unwavering commitment to the customer experience to be successful.

Our Partner Managed Cloud represents the gold standard in cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors solutions for core HR operations by extending the range of deployment options, giving customers a greater choice and more flexibility, all in a single-source for cloud-based HR systems implementations. Now organizations can better manage risks by consolidating software, onboarding and support into a flexible (OPEX) per-user subscription and focus on business outcomes not IT support and resources.

HRIZONS’ PMC Offering for HR Operations

The Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) is a solution where the SAP software licenses are secured by HRIZONS on behalf of the customer, then bundles those licenses with other software applications, along with cloud hosting, managed services, platform configuration and other hyper-care support services – turning it into a flexible operating expense (OPEX) for the customer.

Implementation Benefits

As an SAP partner since 2006, HRIZONS specializes in cloud services and offers  hands-on industry expertise, business process, system integration, technical delivery and innovation experience to support our clients. We are here to act as your trusted advisor. In addition, we offer ongoing support, maintenance, and troubleshooting, allowing companies to focus on their core business reducing the burden on internal resources.

HRIZONS’ Partner managed cloud services help optimize costs by providing flexible pricing models and the ability to scale resources based on demand. Our deep experience and expertise give us the knowledge base to recommend cost-effective solutions and identify areas for cost savings. OPEX versus CAPEX pricing strategies.

HRIZONS provides robust security measures to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Security is always a top priority and our teams will thoroughly and proactively monitor and respond to potential threats.

Our comprehensive PMC services often include service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee high availability and uptime. We can deploy redundancy and disaster recovery solutions to ensure business continuity.

HRIZONS partner managed cloud solutions are highly configurable to meet the needs of our client’s unique business requirements. The application can be tailored to provide robust roles and permissions to grant multiple stakeholders within the organization access to the information that they need.

HRIZONS team of solution experts and support services specialists remain at the forefront of the latest cloud technologies, tools, and best practices. We provide invaluable insights and recommendations for integrating innovative solutions that elevate business processes and competitiveness. Additionally, cloud-hosted solutions are auto-updated to ensure that your organization is running the most current applications.

For clients undertaking organization-wide shifts to the cloud, our partner managed services ensure an easy migration process, minimizing disruptions and downtime effectively.

Our HRZ Technology services can manage and monitor cloud infrastructure and applications continuously, identifying performance bottlenecks and suggesting optimization strategies for better efficiency.

Elevating operational efficiency and strategic growth, through HRIZONS Partner Managed Cloud, provides a competitive edge by delegating non-core tasks to trusted partners. This approach empowers you to channel your resources and expertise into refining your core competencies, driving innovation, and delivering unparalleled value to your customers.

The HRIZONS Advantage

HRIZONS solutions experts will carefully assess each customer’s unique needs for HR operations to develop a cloud strategy that best aligns with their technology requirements and business goals to provide the best solutions and support services available to optimize their investment in core HR systems. With our PMC offering HRIZONS can price, package and configure solutions that are based specifically on a customers’ strategic business objectives.

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