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HRZ Change Essentials was founded on the premise that people are every organization’s greatest asset and we prove that with every project.

We are passionate about our mission gained from over 25 years of practical corporate experience in Organizational Change Management (OCM), Learning & Development and Culture Change initiatives in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

The ultimate purpose and goal of Organizational Change Management in systems change efforts is to transfer ownership of the project’s success from the technical team charged with design and delivery – to Business Users who will live and operate in the new environment post go-live. This alignment and the ability to unleash innovation and accountability are a struggle for organizations large and small, and our processes and methodologies deliver successful outcomes at every level.

An Organizational Change Management (OCM) Services Provider that Delivers Results

HRZ Change Essentials provides tailored OCM support on a global scale that makes lasting contributions to our customer’s success. We collaborate with users to educate and encourage adoption while enabling change leaders to facilitate smooth, company-wide transitions to cloud-based HR digital solutions.

An Organizational Change Management Services Provider that Delivers Results

What We Do:

Organizational Change Management

The process of assessing, engaging, training and mapping employees to their new tech-enabled environment is a combination of humanistic and highly technical tactics that requires intense discipline for a project launch  to be successful.

  • Support the Success of HCM Launches – We are experts at guiding organizations through the complexities of digital transformations, implementations and onboarding internal drivers and end users to optimize investments in cloud-based technologies.
  • Organization Communications and Alignment – Our proven transformational methodologies are supported by tools and best practices that keep all stakeholders aligned, projects on time and deliverables clearly defined.
  • Project and Process Documentation – We meticulously document every component in each change management project to ensure strict adherence to timelines, deliverables and the training required for every launch to be successful.
  • Role Mapping – Our process of assessing organizational needs, engaging and activating super users and documenting and developing training of end-user roles is critical for every stakeholder in the process to understand their role from top to bottom.

Learning & Development

HRZ Change Essentials change management professionals develop custom, high-quality learning and development solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of every organization providing:

  • Skills Assessment – The discovery needed to ensure that the right training is developed is complex. We partner with your organization to construct a thorough Impact Map© and Learning Journey© which will identify the needs of individual critical roles and document tasks and subtasks that are in need of learning support. The discovery needed to inventory and document existing skills and identify areas where gaps exist to ensure that the right proper knowledge base is in place to drive successful business outcomes.
  • Training Development – As experts in training methodologies, instructional design, adult learning concepts and change enablement, our skills implementation programs help meet the needs of organizations with strict or complex compliance requirements.
  • Curriculum Design – Our experts ensure that each curriculum is intentionally designed to be in alignment with organizational priorities that drive business growth.
  • Role Based Training – Each curriculum we develop is role-based and directly applicable to the requirements of the organization and/or given project.

Design Thinking

The world is in a state of change but there is one constant found in each organization…. your people are your company’s greatest asset.  Organizations across the spectrum are seeking proven and emerging innovations that will transform their business model or bottom line. We help solve for those challenges by providing:

  • Innovation Workshops – We are experts in delivering structured, facilitated, strategic design sessions to enable leadership team’s forward planning, unleashing innovation and creating results. Our fast-paced sessions are focused on solving the unique challenges confronting our clients — in a cost efficient and convenient method.
  • Future Mapping/Ideating – Our methodology and processes helps organizations plan for potential challenges brought by change and innovation, and that your stakeholders not only know the business, but are astute at contributing and ideating solutions that are practical, actionable and executable.
  • Organizational Engagement & Inclusion – We understand employees who are engaged in the process of solving complex business problems report a very strong sense of ownership to ideas generated with their involvement. We act as an advisory and advocates when it comes to implementing ideas that result in employee dedication and accountability – knowing they were active participants in seeing an initiative through to a successful outcome.

What You Get From HRZ Change Essentials?

Over 25 years of Instructional and Curriculum Design experience, that provides leadership and direction with instructional delivery including TTT (Train-the-Trainer) models… and the integration of tools and technologies to deliver optimal educational experiences associated with large-scale technological systems change giving organizations the confidence it takes to make sweeping digital transformations.

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