HRZ Benefits


We provide an end-to-end benefits technology solution for employees, eliminating complex manual processes


HRZ Benefits is the next-generation, end-to-end U.S. benefit technology solution, designed to make it easier for U.S. based employees to consume benefits while providing employers faster and better returns on the benefits investments they’ve made. This artificial intelligence (AI) powered solution streamlines enrollment and simplifies the process for U.S. employers to make critical decisions while reducing paper forms and slow, complex manual processes.

For SAP SuccessFactors customers, we include a pre-packaged integration to Employee Central (core HR) and single sign-on to simplify change management, maximize employee adoption and shorten time to value to quickly realize a strong ROI.

Providing AI Powered Benefit Solutions for:

Benefits Enrollment & Management
HRZ Benefits’ artificial intelligence (AI) powered solution streamlines enrollment and makes it easy for U.S. employers to make critical decisions while reducing paper forms and manual processes.
AI-Powered Benefits Support compares employees’ demographic data and personal preferences to the actual outcomes of millions of others, highlighting best benefits options.
Decision Support Tools provide side-by-side comparisons of plans, complete summaries and coverage documents, plus a built-in glossary.
Quick Carrier Connections can be established with automatic connection available to over 600 already integrated U.S. carriers.
Our Tech Adapts to Yours and has the ability to support virtually any kind of benefits offerings and organizational scenarios.
Rich Integrated Suite of complementary solutions that grow with your team’s needs, whether they are COBRA compliance, ACA reporting, Benefits Invoice Reconciliation, Consolidated Billing, and more.

Carrier Connectivity
HRZ Benefits’ Carrier Connectivity solution completely eliminates the manual process of communicating highly sensitive benefits data to carriers.

  • Quick Setup: Reduce the time it takes to set up a manual connection to 8 weeks. With digital enrollment forms, it can be cut down by several weeks.
  • Automated Delivery: Automatically and securely deliver U.S. employee enrollment and benefits data to U.S. insurance carriers for open enrollments, new enrollments, terminations, or any other events.
  • Expansive Carrier Network: Connect to our network of 600+ U.S. carriers to communicate data related to health, dental, life or any other benefits.

COBRA Administration
Stay on top of every aspect of COBRA administration. Our solution automatically tracks active and prospective participants, manages invoices and remittances, and more.

  • Manages Communication with employers, carriers, and participants to reinstate coverage, collect payments, and provide support.
  • 2-Click Approvals make it easy for employers to review, approve, or reject potential COBRA qualifying events.
  • Configurable Workflows and Automated Notifications track all actions for qualifying events and eligibility, and provide a consistent experience.
  • Eliminates Repetitive Tasks by seamlessly tracking money movement, reinstatements, new enrollments, and all the other activities.
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities allows users to track and audit notices, payments, and communications for compliance purposes.

ACA Compliance & Reporting
Our next generation ACA compliance solution makes staying compliant easier. Inside the platform administrators gain a holistic view of the organization’s ACA status, while being able to leverage detailed reports and other powerful tools.

  • Integrated Data Sources. Integrations with payroll companies, time-keeping providers, and core HR systems helps to reduce the manual upkeep of ACA and allows for confident and holistic assess compliance.
  • Fully Automated. Our solution calculates and monitors compliance on a monthly and annual basis. Real-time reports help reduce your compliance risk and tax liability.
  • Actionable Insights. Get a centralized view into your company’s entire ACA compliance status, a better understanding of patterns, and the ability to predict and plan for the future needs of your business.

Benefits Reconciliation
What used to take hours or weeks now takes a few minutes with our automated Benefits Reconciliation solution. Simply drag and drop invoices for a side-by-side comparison that identifies underpayments, overpayments, and other billing discrepancies.

  • Integrated Data Sources. Integrations with SAP SuccessFactors (or other 3rd party core HR systems) and insurance carriers allow users to pull in and combine data from a system of record automatically.
  • Match & Compares Invoices. Data can be automatically matched based on SSN, employee or plan name, and other variables.
    Actionable Insights. Securely export follow-up notes to other team members, a broker, or insurance carriers to address irregularities.
  • Executive Analytics. Allows organizations to understand plan utilization trends across multiple products, review plan enrollment history, and make better future decisions.