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Experience Economy is Here to Stay

Employee Experience (EX) is all about creating the best possible people experience so your employees can be productive, your customers can attain value, and your organization can be agile and successful.  Proactively obtaining insights into workforce sentiment and engagement is no longer optional for a modern enterprise.  Global footprints, knowledge-based work, technology disruption, multi-generational teams, gig economy: all point to the new competitive normal and the ever-increasing dynamic nature of business and its biggest asset, its people.

Employee Experience is the major driver of organizational engagement and agility as it targets the ‘why’ question that precedes employee behavior, employee performance and, subsequently, business performance. With a focus on optimizing EX, businesses can maximize performance, reduce undesirable attrition, improve customer experience, and ultimately improve their competitive position.

Enabling EX In Your



HRIZONS , Employee Experience Division is focused on helping customers create and innovate their EX strategies and initiatives to maximize business outcomes. As technology capabilities evolve, so too should the employee experience. We believe companies need greater support related to the development, deployment, and adoption of strategic EX programs beyond what software companies can provide, which is why we offer professional services such as Customer Success, People Science, Training and Change Management.


Here’s What You Get

To support employee experience programs, we offer our customers a full complement of services from strategic planning, to implementation and platform integrations, to data analysis and action planning advisory.  Our recommended approach is to create a multi-channel rollout plan for the workforce listening strategy:

  • A full-company annual engagement survey remains a foundation of the Employee Experience practice.
  • Shorter and targeted quarterly pulse surveys serve as agile supplements to the annual engagement foundation.
  • The “always on” employee lifecycle surveys add specific Moments-That-Matter detail to the foundation.
  • 360 assessments can be very effective when embedded in a broader workforce development program.

We also support a start anywhere, go everywhere implementation strategy.  For example, implementing a listening channel within a specific HR process, such as Onboarding.  Regardless of your needs, we can tailor an approach to suit your organization’s requirements, readiness, and budget.

Our Approach & Methodology

Planning & Design

Outline the current state of your employee experience program and the desired future state. Define and prioritize the stages that matter most to the employees and the organization. Determine the starting point of your Employee Experience program.



Configuration & Integration

Perform survey instrument reliability checks. Verify the representation of the respondent sample.  Conduct driver analysis to prioritize issues of impact. Facilitate action planning with key stakeholder groups.

Insights & Action

Perform survey instrument reliability checks. Verify the representation of the respondent sample.  Conduct driver analysis to prioritize issues of impact. Facilitate action planning with key stakeholder groups.

Scale Employee Experience Programs

Analyze ‘Moments that Matter’ cycles over time. Relate experience outcomes to subsequent operational outcomes and model impacts of workforce intent on the business. Use longitudinal data across different stages of employee lifecycle to construct employee journey patterns within the organization, identify points of risk to key outcomes like productivity or churn, and evaluate the effectiveness of organizational interventions to address those risks.

We Deliver Employee Experience Management

  • Deep expertise in global EX best practices and technology advancements
  • Mature delivery methodology that includes planning, implementation, and advisory.
  • Post go-live services to evolve and mature your employee experience program over time.

Employee Experience (EX) Resources:

  • Customer Success Managers to be your main point of contact and trusted advisor throughout the EX strategy rollout and managing ongoing programs
  • People Science Consultants to help you design, measure and enhance your EX strategies
  • Training Specialists to design, create and facilitate training tailored to your exact needs
  • Strategy & Change Management Experts: design, create, deploy and assess strategic programs and change management efforts
  • Customer Portal: 24/7/365 access to our Service Desk for on-demand services, including system administration assistance, training, configuration, technical services, QA, people science, analytics support, etc.

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