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PeopleMap provides a comprehensive view of an entire organization and each individual employee, allowing for a clear understanding of both the individual and the larger organizational context. Traditional org charts provide a limited view of an employee and a few layers of subordinates, PeopleMap allows for a complete and interactive exploration of an entire organization. With a PeopleMap, users gain insight into the relationships between all employees, divisions, departments, and locations, making it the ideal tool for gaining a clear understanding of an organization’s structure.

These two views of the same employee in the same organization, demonstrate the differences between the traditional org chart in SuccessFactors, and PeopleMap. The traditional org chart offers a narrow glimpse of an employee and those who report to them. By contrast, PeopleMap provides a much fuller picture by showing all of the employee’s managers and subordinates, as well as contextual data such as the size, scale, management layers and span of control of the organization.


One Platform

Tailored to meet your specific use cases with multiple modules

PeopleMap builds on organizational hierarchy to meet your specific needs. The core map provides a superior way to understand and navigate your organization. Depending on additional data and UI elements the platform is tailored by module for your specific use case, such as Spans and Layers Analysis, or managing Role Based Permissions.

PeopleMap Spans & Layers Module

Unlock tangible benefits from spans and layers analysis using the most intuitive organizational visualization available. Effortlessly generate crucial insights to optimize your organization to achieve your goals, such as: enhancing communication, productivity, decision-making efficiency (minimizing bureaucracy), customer responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness. Be ready to respond to Board mandates for spans and layers analysis, or for periodic org redesign projects.

There is no perfect span of control. Optimal pan depends on position specific context such as job function and job role. Use filters to easily segment spans and layers analysis for specific employee populations for a granular understanding of your organizational design. Now you can target the right span for the right employees.


PeopleMaps Role Based Permission (RBP) Module

Role based permissions can be difficult to understand. They are often the product of complex rules based on specific attributes such as dynamic groups, organizational filters, and hierarchies. Use PeopleMaps to easily see how role access or role targets cascade through your organization.

Insight into dynamic groups, role access and role target allow for easy and periodic review to ensure only those who would have access to have access. Easily align stakeholder requests with real-time validation.

Pick the right PeopleMap module for your need.

Features & Benefits

What you get with PeopleMap for SuccessFactors – Clear insight into organizational data

Rapid line-of-sight into your org structure

No more guessing, get one navigable, fluid view of your entire organization. Provide the whole picture, not just glimpses of it. Enables organizational discovery not previously possible. Now everyone is aligned.

Visualize your org. structure

See how divisions or business units in your organization really fit together. Employees are color-coded by a selection you choose. To view the hierarchy distribution of your colleagues in Boston is now easy with Location access.

Visualize spans ad layers throughout your organization

There is no substitute for visually seeing a result. Now you can get the complete picture of your organization in one view. Spans ad layers are immediately apparent to provide real value in understanding the structure of your organization.

Easy report generation

Visuals are great but when you need a report, easily select data for download as a CSV or PDF. You get to choose not only the results of your Spans and Layer or RBP inquiry but any helpful associated HR data as well. Now everyone is aligned.

Clarify complex rule structures

Through visualization of employee hierarchy, complex rule structures now become easy to understand. Better understanding leads to better governance of Role-Based Permissions.



Watch the video to learn more about PeopleMap

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Benefits of PeopleMap

Visualize Your Entire Organization and its HR Data on One Screen
Maintain a high-level view of your organization for strategic context. Visualize large-scale datasets as patterns to reveal segmentation for rapid insights. Color-code key attributes to attain instant, high-level interpretation.

Fully integrated with SAP SuccessFactors
Seamlessly launches directly from SAP SuccessFactors through Single Sign On. Inherit user Role-Based Permissions for data access. Deep-link for individual records in PeopleMap that map back to SuccessFactors Employee Profile.

Receive real-time data
HR data is not stored or duplicated anywhere. The most current state of your organization is simply pulled from your SuccessFactors instance and presented visually for rapid interpretation via a secure browser session that provides valuable insights.

Streamlined deployment and implementation
No complex implementation process, get it up and running in a matter of days. The standard offering is ready right out of the box. Visualize an entire company hierarchy, from individual photos, names, and titles, to segmented business units including divisions, departments, locations, and more.

Achieve a rapid line-of-sight into your organizational structure
Gather all aspects of the organizational hierarchy by connecting the dots in between. Take the guesswork out of rapid discovery by providing detailed information that’s always at your fingertips. Discover how everyone is aligned through one navigable and fluid view of the entire organization.

Attention SAP SuccessFactors Customers!

PeopleMap comes pre-integrated to SAP SuccessFactors to easily unlock access to your reporting and other valuable HR data.


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