Post Go-Live Support & AMS


Maximize Your ROI With An Experienced Team

Our post go-live services offerings help organizations maximize their return-on-investment with HR cloud platforms including SAP SuccessFactors, Microsoft Viva and Qualtrics EXM. Our team of experts will help you continually optimize HCM and EX programs, processes, analytics and insights enabled with best-in-class, cloud-based solutions.

Post Go-live Services for Our Valued Customers

We offer flexible post go-live services to act as your trusted partner to continuously improve and maximize HR’s return-on-investment with SAP SuccessFactors, Microsoft Viva and Qualtrics EXM. We have lived and breathed HR cloud technologies since 2006 and customers benefit from our deep expertise and experience to help optimize and mature their HCM (Human Capital Management) and EX (Employee Experience) programs, processes, configurations and reporting.

Our post go-live services are uniquely designed to ensure ongoing success for today, and more importantly, for tomorrow.

Optimization Services

Our post go-live optimization services are focused projects designed to help customers overcome their challenges and improve the value for end-users and key stakeholders. Your organization expects well designed HCM and EX programs and processes coupled with simple user experiences. We can help you to deliver on that promise and optimize your investments in core HR technology solutions.

Managed Services

Are you finding that your cloud platform HCM and EX solutions are getting stale?  Are you always behind or even unaware of releases and product enhancements?  Did you envision delivering an integrated user experience to your workforce, but it fell flat?  Are you constantly struggling to improve and update processes and configurations?

As companies migrate from legacy on-premise HR software products to cloud-based HCM and EX platforms, they experience the pace of agile cloud technology as the deployment becomes a journey that begins post implementation.  To achieve company-wide adoption with world-class employee experiences, and to avoid deployments getting stale, we help you to sustain your solutions, stay on top of release management with a focus on continuous improvement and delivering seamless end-user experiences.

Service Desk customers get access to their own 24/7 customer portal where approved users can submit service and support requests and monitor progress through completion per our SLAs.  Service requests are supported by our bench of certified consultants, so you receive the services, and peace of mind, needed to support your organization.

You know we love the HRIZONS team. You are all very responsive, highly skilled and such a natural extension of the Butterfield HR team.
Daphne K. | Butterfield

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