We Simplify the Complex.

The evolution of human capital management from core activities to strategic talent management has make the world of people management more complex, more vibrant and much more essential to the success of the enterprise.

Maintaining a competitive advantage requires a complete vision of human capital management, and our cloud HR software.

HRIZONS helps you build on the fundamentals of employee services to achieve:

  • Employee Central to enable employee and manager self-service in the Cloud.
  • Integrated talent management to increase employees’ discretionary effort so essential to innovation.
  • Predictive analytics, providing business intelligence to meet the challenges you know and the flexibility to meet the unknown.

Begin with a Solid Foundation.

Wherever you are in the growth of your people management capability, the key to success is to begin with a strong foundation. Solid building blocks provide the stability to enable you to achieve the next level of development.

The right integrated technology enables your solution designs and drives better execution.

The right analytics supports effective decision-making across your talent management process.

The right process design drives efficiency, effectiveness, integration and role clarity.

The right job and competency content is crucial, and scales to support all your talent management processes.

A Complete Solution

HRIZONS® has partnered with SAP to leverage SuccessFactors and bring a complete global human capital management solution.

How many times have you invested scarce resources in an automated solution, only to find it made the work harder and more complex?

Instead, with his cloud human capital management software, you can enjoy the best in both usability and functionality. SuccessFactors is top-rated by both Gartner and Nucleus Research, and is in the IDC MarketScape top tier of people systems providers.

Deep Insights

To make your workforce more effective, you need real business intelligence to dig deep into the metrics of your workforce.

This is not bolt-on external business analytics requiring hours of IT work to design data transfers. SuccessFactors systems are designed with workforce intelligence built in.

HRIZONS® – the Preferred SuccessFactors SAP Partner

The right partner makes a difference in the quality of your SuccessFactors investment. Hundreds of SuccessFactors customers could have chosen anyone to support their transformation…

…They chose us.

With over 10 years of experience, HRIZONS has successfully executed 650+ cloud HCM projects. HRIZONS® has successfully executed 326+ SuccessFactors projects across the full HCM technology suite.

Why Choose HRIZONS?

  • SuccessFactors expertise and tenure – proven over time. When you are making decisions that affect your bottom line, experience counts.

  • Leading practice process designs and software configurations. Proven solutions, adaptable to your unique business model so you don’t waste resources on generic solutions.

  • Functional and technical expertise to design complete strategic human capital management systems, single point solutions programs to meet your specific needs.

  • Our long term solutions evolve with you. We don’t throw a solution over the fence – we are with you for the long haul.

  • Program and project management leadership and experience to execute on time and within budget. No fumbles.

Next Steps

See what a HRIZONS/SuccessFactors partnership will do for your organization and its people.

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