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OrgInsight is an SAP Pinnacle award-winning workforce analytics software, optimized for SAP SuccessFactors to align HXM configuration with strategic objectives. Get reporting through workforce analytics; cleanse, visualize and explore your people hierarchy and key HR data on demand. Govern and organize data within historical perspective to enable agile strategic workforce analytics anytime. Integrate multi-channel data streams to support high-impact business scenarios. This innovative approach to in-memory data processing combined with data visualization takes actionable decision-making to the next level.

Software Overview:

  • Shows a big picture of the entire organization in one interactive view, helping with human capital management (HCM) reporting and analytics
  • Gives HR and leaders strategic line-of-sight workforce and SAP SuccessFactors analytics
  • Strengthens stakeholder alignment
  • Provides agile data segmentation to evaluate strategic hypotheses in real time
  • Based on intuitive data visualization, reveals new insights instantaneously
  • Reveals new insights instantaneously based on intuitive data visualization

OrgInsight is designed to help companies manage and deploy HXM and SAP SuccessFactors analytics at speed and with impact. The workforce analytics software uses minimal data transformation allowing for agility in rollout and maintenance. The solution utilizes the latest technology standards for data protection and end-user experience management.

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Features & Benefits

What You Get With OrgInsight Workforce Analytics Software

We offer our customers a full suite of services, along with our experience and expertise, to support your transition from planning and implementation to post go-live needs.

Dive into Complete Reporting Levels

Quickly and easily see the span of control from the CEO on down or by Business Unit, Division or Department Heads with HCM reporting and analytics. Layer in additional HR attributes such as gender, ethnicity, salary grade or range of salary grades to gain additional insight with easy-to-use visual workforce analytics software features.


Easy to Use Drill Down Capability

Identify risks, opportunities and build HR business cases for change with data-driven evidence. Drill down to quickly understand workforce diversity, including demographics, turnover and retention drivers and dispel unfounded theories and beliefs about your workforce.


Single Sign-On to SAP SuccessFactors

Seamlessly extend SAP SuccessFactors by providing users with direct access to OrgInsight from a dedicated menu link or widget on the SAP SuccessFactors homepage using Single Sign-On (SSO) with access easily managed by user role.


Benefits of OrgInsight

Visualize Your Entire Organization and its HR Data on One Screen
OrgInsight uses a patented approach to visualize HR data based on employee and organization hierarchies. Quickly and easily explore and analyze workforce analytics data to support decisions, justify HR initiatives, effect positive change on your workforce and mitigate risks proactively.

Spans and Layers Workforce Analysis at Your Fingertips
OrgInsight is the most complete spans and layers workforce analytics tool available. View distribution of span across the entire organization. Investigate inadvertent layers expansion. Analyze the organization as a whole, by Business Unit, by Division, by Function, by Location and more.

HR Data Trending, Distributions and Averages
Create an analysis of your workforce data and monitor trend charts for workforce changes over periods of time. See distributions of HR data crosscut across any attribute. Quickly and easily calculate and understand your most important HR data averages using any variable available in SAP SuccessFactors and external HR data sources.

Attention SAP SuccessFactors Customers!

OrgInsight comes pre-integrated to SAP SuccessFactors to easily unlock access to your reporting and other valuable HR data.

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In addition, we offer OrgInsight™ customers post go-live advisory and support services to ensure your team always has access to qualified consultants, product experts and software support team members. As your organization evolves we help you evolve with it to maximize your ROI and keep end-users engaged for the long-haul.


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