HRIZONS® Case Study: The People Make the Difference | Successful Implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Learning

Periodically, we like to reflect on what made a project we help deliver successful.

What is it the customer valued? How can we make our services and the customer experience better? How can we support better outcomes for our customers? What are the lessons learned?

In this particular HRIZONS case study, we partnered with a large U.S. Telecommunications company that wanted a close working relationship with its services partner for a SAP SuccessFactors Learning implementation. Fortunately, not only did they select HRIZONS, they were willing to work with us to develop this case study.

Now, in a perfect world, they’d also let us use their brand, but for legal reasons, they requested anonymity for the published version. Hate it when legal does that!

Please take a few minutes to learn about their project challenges, objectives, outcomes, and lessons learned…

I think you’ll find it’s worth the read, especially if you’re entertaining selecting a partner to help you implement HCM cloud software.

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Best, Jim

Jim Newman, President & CEO, HRIZONS

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