Mary Poppen – Experience Management

Episode 1: The Complex World of Experience Management with Mary Poppen

We talk with Mary Poppen about links between HR technology, employee experience, and customer experience. Prior to her current role as President of the Employee Experience Division of HRIZONs, Mary led customer experience functions in several prominent HR technology companies including SAP SuccessFactors and Glint. She also wrote a book “Goodbye Churn, Hello Growth!” about creating customer-centric organizations and is on the faculty of the Michigan State University Experience Management Master’s degree program. Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The challenge of experience management being something that everyone is responsible for but that few people are held accountable for.
  • Why companies need more centralized, cross-functional, continuous, integrated employee and customer experience management platforms.
  • Reasons companies struggle when building experience management technology platforms and functions.
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