Minneapolis HR Summit Presentation

Jim Newman, President & CEO of HRIZONS, recently gave a presentation at the Minneapolis HR Summit. This conference delivered information on the latest HR strategies and techniques and it was a true honor for Jim to speak at it.

In his presentation, Jim discussed legacy HR Systems, HR Cloud Technology and how businesses can adopt new HR cloud technology and overcome the challenges to get there.

“Our purpose is to help customers make the digital HR transformation and move their HR technology to the cloud to meet the needs of today’s evolving workforce, to execute their business strategies, and achieve better business results.” ~ Jim Newman, President & CEO

Today, the reality is that IT dependence is high supporting legacy on-premise discontiguous and disparate systems that often includes point solutions in the cloud for recruiting and learning, which are subject matter expert focused. Adoption is difficult when your HR technology landscape includes multiple vendors, a lack of integration and MS Excel as HR’s favorite reporting tool.

In parallel, HR is dealing with a frenetic business pace, a global workforce, multiple generations and compliance needs like never before, plus evolving technology and constant innovation that seems complicated and sometimes out of reach!

Legacy technology is not agile and becomes a major barrier to creating, attracting and developing a workforce and culture geared towards innovation, agility and growth.

Cloud technology enables you to become agile and fast:
• Simplicity – one platform, fully integrated
• Agility – seamless user experiences, constantly optimized
• Accessible – from any device, at anytime, from anywhere

With today’s HR technology in place, HR can focus on being strategic by enabling the workforce with easy to access solutions, best practice processes, data you can trust, and information and insight to help managers and executives make informed decisions about people!

View the HR technology landscape, challenges and HR needs to be prepared for in Jim’s full presentation, which can be found here: Download Presentation.

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