VIP Webinar for SAP SuccessFactors Customers

Please view our VIP Webinar for SAP SuccessFactors customers:

“Maximize Your SAP SuccessFactors Investment with HRIZONS’ HRZ® Cloud Apps”

——-  sponsored by SAP SuccessFactors

To access this webinar you must have an SAP/SuccessFactors S-user IDSAP SuccessFactors Partner Solutions

All current customers and partners should have this type of log in information.

Please contact us if you’d like more information.

  1. Click on:
  2. Enter S-user ID and password
  3. You should see this screen below
  4. Then just click on the OPEN button in the bottom right corner & the webinar will start to load with the screen on the right

SAP Webinar Log in Screen

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