We’re Redefining Integrated HCM for Healthcare.

Our consultants help clients leverage SAP SuccessFactors, our own HRZ CLOUD APPS, such as our award winning JDMS® | Job Descriptions Made Simple, to improve and integrate job content to create optimized solutions that meet the unique needs of Health Systems. We bring domain expertise and over 10 years of healthcare-related integrated Human Capital Management experience to the table to ensure your HR team designs and implements the right solution for your organization.

Healthcare organizations are more challenged than ever to develop cost-effective healthcare delivery solutions. To ensure they have the operational efficiency and talent needed to lead, manage and support the complex needs of the healthcare industry and its ever-evolving needs in core HR, talent management, compliance (e.g. Joint Commission) and recognition (e.g. Magnet status), HRIZONS supports the full range of cloud HR solutions for healthcare organizations to achieve integrated Human Capital Management.

Here are some of our healthcare credentials:

  • Extensive healthcare HCM implementation experience, with over 60 healthcare clients
  • HRZ®HEALTHCARE puts your projects on the fast-track with HCM Solution Accelerators:  process consulting, prebuilt healthcare job content, and technology-enablers
  • HCM breadth of tier 1 consultancy with the depth and attention of a boutique
  • Specializing in HCM Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors since 2006


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Learning and Compliance

Establish a learning culture and achieve regulatory compliance with more efficiency and automation than ever before! We’ll work with you to develop a competency and skill-based learning management solution that is user-friendly and addresses all your regulatory and process requirements. This includes support for: job code-based curricula, task checklists for rapid field-based assessments, multiple assessors, proficiency-based ratings, methods of validation (MOV), and comprehensive regulatory reporting.

We Know Healthcare HR

This fully comprehensive solution features HCM Solution Accelerators that are designed to fast-track your HR technology projects for Core HR, Talent and Job Descriptions leveraging process consulting, pre-built healthcare job content, and technology-enablers.

Job Descriptions made easy.

With pre-loaded healthcare competency library and job description content, we help healthcare organizations with rapid competency-based job content development and job description re-write projects so they can achieve their talent compliance targets quickly. We ensure your job descriptions are standardized and accessible to managers, employees and HR. We help you manage your healthcare job content and seamlessly integrate it with your HR technology platform to address:

Ensure your organization is aligned to the strategy defined at the C-Suite level. Maintain and manage objectives that are well defined, measurable and aligned to the organization’s strategic initiatives and objectives surrounding quality of care, increasing market share and operating more efficiently or optimizing reimbursements.

Create a performance management culture and support it with enabling solutions including performance check-ins, evaluations, corrective actions and feedback. We ensure your performance evaluations include feedback on the expectations set forth in the Job Descriptions of your employees, linking these critically important processes.

Assess proficiencies, document methods of validation, identify gaps and provide remedies. Map clinical competencies to job descriptions and provide a fully integrated competency assessment solution for your clinical staff.

How do you identify and select top talent? How do you onboard candidates successfully and quickly? How to you measure quality of hire? We can help you design and deploy an integrated solution. We ensure your job requisition templates are fully developed, validated and integrated. Qualifications and job-specific competencies are validated to ensure your hiring process is fully compliant and effective.

4 lenses



Established business case for strategic value of job descriptions for integrated talent management (ITM). Project and  change management leadership throughout project, and sophisticated solution design, including standardized JD templates and integration with Recruitment and Performance.

Lens II  –  CONTENT:

Pre-defined healthcare starter content to build libraries;  tools and writing guides to update content ;  draft core job content; QA on all updated content


HRZ®JDMS cloud-based platform to manage all phases of the project; feeding Core HR, Recruitment, and Performance.


Configured HRZ®JDMS reports  to track progress on JD completions and ongoing maintenance.

What Will You Achieve Tomorrow?

We’re helping healthcare organizations achieve regulatory compliance, patient satisfaction and efficiency through process, content, technology accelerators, and analytics.