Early Engagement: Recruiting Experiences for Job Candidates

Delivering a people-first candidate experience to help attract and hire top talent for your organization

Imagine this: You are applying to a role at your current organization. Any role. Senior, junior, IC, management. How would you experience that process? And, more importantly, are you guessing? Or do you know?


  • How do you hear about the role? Does a contact or recruiter there invite you to apply? Do you find it on a job board? Or is the company’s employer brand so appealing that you go to the website to see what sort of jobs they might have available?
  • What does the job description say? Does it clearly state location, duties, requirements, and compensation? Is it clear or vague? Does it fully describe your company and its values?
  • When you choose to apply, is the process of submitting your application easy and smooth? Does your resume upload and parse correctly? Does applying take a long time or complete quickly and easily.
  • What happens next? Do you hear back from the organization quickly for an interview or with an automated “No, thank you?” Or do you wait for months with no word?
  • What is the interview process like?  What is the job offer like? Is communication clear and consistent? Are systems integrated and easy to use? Are you insisting on videos and assignments? Does the process change depending on the job? Are candidate emails targeted? DO YOU KNOW??!

One of the obstacles to delivering a candidate experience that attracts and retains top talent is intimately knowing the process. You can’t fix something if you don’t a) know that it’s broken and b) understand how.

Gaining that knowledge isn’t easy when it comes to any business process, but especially recruiting and hiring. There can be many steps, people, and systems involved. It’s easy to think a ball is being passed when, in fact, it’s consistently dropped. It’s not so easy to know, without a doubt, whether your recruiting machine is functioning to its fullest potential.

So what’s an organization to do?

The right kinds of software can change the game.

Candidate experience software like Qualtrics can gather meaningful feedback from the people undergoing your hiring process in real time, helping you identify gaps and risks.

SAP SuccessFactors’ best in class Recruiting software ensures seamless transitions between stages, automates easy-to-overlook tasks for busy talent acquisition teams, and helps maintain strong candidate relationships and talent pools.

HRIZONS’ award-winning Job Descriptions Made Simple… makes job descriptions simple! It helps to rapidly develop and standardize job descriptions for hiring managers, TA teams, and the candidates who interact with them.

Investing in these or other recruiting management and engagement software can help you close gaps and review the process end-to-end.

Invest in people-first processes

As we often caveat, software alone won’t improve your hiring process if you aren’t investing in other areas of people success.

Things like:

  • Creating a meaningful employer brand by being intentional about building your organizational culture
  • Training and supporting your TA team to ensure they understand their impact, have their workflows organized, and care about the experience of every applicant that comes their way.
  • Training hiring managers to ensure they create meaningful job descriptions and efficient, effective interview processes.

Recruiting is an essential factor in long-term employee engagement, but it’s complex. Every person, portal, and requirement candidates encounter influence their perception of your organization, so a healthy overall people-first process can go a long way.

Talk to us if you want to learn more about engaging your candidates and employees early, often, and meaningfully – from recruiting through to retirement. We have over 18 years of experience with the full suite of SAP SuccessFactors solutions and the SAP ecosystem, and an EX division devoted to employee and candidate listening and experience. We believe in engaging early and engaging often, and we can help you achieve it.

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