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Eliminate the Burden of Job Descriptions With Our Best-In-Class Cloud Software

Job Descriptions Made Simple (JDMS®) is a cloud-based technology solution for enterprise companies, typically organizations with 1,000 or more employees. JDMS streamlines job description development, governance and administration, and enables organizations to make job descriptions accessible seamlessly for the entire organization.

Take job description management to the next level of excellence with this innovative, cloud-based job description software solution designed to address today’s complex HR enterprise needs.

JDMS™ | Job Descriptions Made Simple brings simplicity and the power of cloud technology to your fingertips. This industry-leading tool helps companies build and maintain a job library, integrate job content within HCM systems, and institute a governance program ensuring a compliant and always up-to-date library of job descriptions.

  • Rapidly develop and standardize your job descriptions using an award winning, best-in-class solution
  • Eliminate the administrative burden of maintaining a job description library
  • Improve governance and reduce the risk of non-compliance with workflows, version control and role-based permissions
  • Improve the quality of job content and drive employee engagement by aligning your workforce to well defined, current job expectations
  • Enable managers and Human Resources with a solution that effectively manages job descriptions

JDMS can be integrated to your HRIS, Applicant Tracking (ATS) and Compensation systems, and set-up for Single Sign-On (SSO).

For SAP SuccessFactors customers looking for a fully integrated
job description solution, we’ve taken it several steps further

JDMS for SAP SuccessFactors

We’ve enhanced JDMS specifically for SAP® SuccessFactors® customers, typically with 1,000+ employees, using SAP Business Technology Platform. JDMS for SAP SuccessFactors offers customers a fully integrated, seamless end-user experience with features designed to address today’s digital HR needs supporting global workforces spanning multiple countries and languages.

  • Pre-integrated to SAP SuccessFactors including Employee Central, Recruiting, Performance, Career & Development Planning, Succession and more.
  • Offers users a simple and seamless user experience making it easy to deploy and gain adoption
  • Next to zero change management as users can access their job descriptions without ever leaving SAP SuccessFactors”.

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Features & Benefits

Here’s What You Get.

We offer our customers a full complement of services, along with our experience and expertise, to support your transition from planning to implementation to post go-live needs.

Integrate and Maintain Job Descriptions at Scale

Enrich your HR processes in SAP SuccessFactors with structured job content designed to support Recruiting, Performance, Development, Succession and Learning. Integrated to Families & Roles or Job Profile Builder (JPB), JDMS becomes the system-of-record for managing and maintaining effective job descriptions.


Quickly Translate Job Descriptions

Using cognitive services, JDMS enables System Administrators to quickly and easily translate job descriptions. Once translated, jobs can be forwarded to local language experts for additional review, editing and validation before publishing.


Configurable Workflows

JDMS provides organizations with feature-rich configurable workflows supporting version control, history and robust permission capabilities to make it easy for organizations of all sizes to improve job library maintenance, governance and improve accountability.


Seamless User Experience

JDMS provides employees with a seamless experience navigating to view and acknowledge job descriptions with a pre-packaged SAP SuccessFactors single sign-on feature. This reduces change management costs and makes it easy for users to get involved in job description maintenance and governance.



Make it Easy to Manage Job Descriptions
Release HR staff and managers from the pain of keeping job descriptions up-to-date and compliant. Leverage configurable workflows, version control/history, and content standardization best practices, and provide HR and managers with more time to focus on the business.

Offer Users an Integrated and Seamless User Experience
Access JDMS from the SAP SuccessFactors home screen, navigation menus, widgets and action buttons. JDMS enables employees, managers and HR to quickly and easily view and search for published job descriptions.

Improve Governance with Workflows, Version Control and Role-Based Permissions
JDMS goes beyond automating, creating and maintaining job descriptions. To ensure your job descriptions are validated, in compliance and up-to-date, JDMS provides customers with configurable workflows, version control and history, job comparison, robust permission capabilities and more.

Localize your Job Descriptions into Multiple Languages
JDMS makes it quick and easy for organizations to deploy job descriptions in multiple languages. Employees can then search for and view job descriptions in their native language.

Synchronize Job Content with your SAP SuccessFactors Platform
JDMS for SAP SuccessFactors comes fully integrated. This includes syncing the job structure in Employee Central and feeding job description content to support Talent Management processes such as Recruiting, Performance, Succession and Career Planning in SAP SuccessFactors.

View and Acknowledge Job Descriptions in SAP
JDMS for SAP SuccessFactors enables employees, managers and HR to view, update and acknowledge job descriptions in our for SAP SuccessFactors extension, powered by SAP Business Technology Platform, which offers users a seamless experience. System Administrators can easily administer annual or periodic job description acknowledgments to keep your job library current and your organization compliant. This easy access to job descriptions helps elevate employees’ understanding of what’s expected of them and provides the opportunity to suggest changes ensuring job descriptions remain current and accurate.

Streamlining Job Descriptions to Scale with Rapid Growth

Sheri Tucker Sr. Compensation Manager, Vericast / Harland Clarke, explains how job descriptions were a significant challenge to govern, manage and remain compliant. The company was growing rapidly via acquisition and their current job description management solution was being decommissioned and existing inefficiencies were becoming increasingly time consuming and costly.

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Best Job Description Software

Managing Job Descriptions in Healthcare

Tina Aquilini, HR Operations Manager, Tower Health outlines how JDMS has been leveraged during a period of rapid growth via acquisition. Tower Health has leveraged capabilities within JDMS such as the Compare Jobs feature in order to streamline the process of consolidating job descriptions across the enterprise.

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Superior Job Description Software

Add JDMS to Your SAP SuccessFactors Landscape

Integrate JDMS for SAP SuccessFactors into your SAP SuccessFactors platform to take your HR systems to the next level. JDMS is all about more control, and less hassle. Why? Because it’s time your organization’s management of job descriptions should be made simple for improved efficiency and easy scalability in the long-run.

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In addition, we offer JDMS customers post go-live advisory and support services. All of this ensures your team always has access to qualified consultants, product experts and support team members. As your organization evolves we help you evolve with it — so end-users are always engaged, while you’re maximizing ROI.


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