I thought I’d share a brief article about job description pain within organizations. If you don’t want to hear from me, you can learn more from two of our great customers, Harland Clarke and Tower Health. Both were willing to subject themselves to being interviewed late 2019 to share their stories implementing and deploying our award winning product: JDMS® | Job Descriptions Made Simple, and not only our core product, but our ever-growing “for SAP SuccessFactors” product, which we brought to market late 2017. SAP recently posted the two videos as part of their Success Stories on SAP App Center. Job Description Pain is real and it’s a meaty, core HR kind of problem that needs to be solved for enterprise customers, especially SAP SuccessFactors customers on their Journey2Cloud™ (https://hrizons.com/journey2cloud/ I know, a shameless plug, but it’s what I do). So, where are the job description pain points? Here’s a Top 10 List:

  1. Governance: How can HR govern a library of job descriptions effectively?
  2. Compliance: How can HR keep job descriptions compliant with the various laws and regulations? Think reasonable accommodation in return-to-work programs…
  3. Quality: How does HR enable organizations to create, and keep current, quality job descriptions that reflect the actual jobs being performed?
  4. Consistency: How can HR keep job description layouts consistent, character limitations within scope (think integrating job content to systems with character limitations…)?
  5. Accessibility: How does HR make it easy for employees, managers, HRBPs and leaders to access, view, suggest edits, etc.?
  6. HR Programs: How can HR leverage job content (think job summaries, skills, competencies, job responsibilities or essential functions in healthcare…) for assessment and evaluation purposes in HR programs and processes like recruiting top talent, onboarding, 90-day evaluations for new hires, annual performance reviews, development plans, succession planning, workforce development strategies, etc.?
  7. Languages: How can HR manage a large volume of job descriptions, keep them compliant, consistent, high quality and accessible and make them available in multiple languages, and govern that… ugh! Note: we are rolling out a new solutions for all of this… exciting!
  8. Localization: How can HR support the localization of job descriptions with the many regulations, legal disclaimers, and languages employees prefer to speak in?
  9. Talent Management: How does HR support the organizations talent retention, diversity and career path / workforce planning initiatives without being able to match job descriptions, current and future, to its current and future workforce needs?
  10. Change: How does HR build an infrastructure that can scale and adapt to the many business challenges companies face like acquisitions, new HR systems, new HR programs, a changing employee demographic, and evolving workforce, the pace of job changes, certifications, licenses, skills, etc. Am I painting the picture?! It’s very tangible isn’t it, especially if you’re an HR practitioner.

Have we figured it all out and can we solve all of these changes today? Not quite, but we can put a hell of a dent in it and with our customer base growing each and every quarter, we are also getting first-hand experience working with customers and obtaining their input into the challenges they face, which are too numerous to mention and too detailed, and at times proprietary, to share in a public forum. We’re also investing heavily with our R&D 3X what it was just 12 months ago. Yes, some serious dollars folks… But, suffice it to say, job description pain is real and our goal, HRIZONS’ goal, is to eviscerate it, especially for SAP SuccessFactors customers! If by chance, this peaks your interest and you’re interested to learn more, I’d also encourage you to visit https://hrizons.com/job-description-management-software/. You can also reach out to us at any time. We’d love to chat!


Jim Newman | President & CEO | HRIZONS

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