HCM, Leadership, and the Cloud

The Benefits of Switching to the Cloud 

A revolution in technology has made us ask the question: How should the Human Resources technology you use reflect the digital world around you? How much of it is about being current and how much of it is about being wise?

Questions of security, flexibility, cost, and scalability always weigh heavily on the minds of Human Resources leadership. So the option to navigate toward the Cloud for HCM solutions becomes a critical conversation with tremendous implications.

In the hundreds of organizations that we’ve helped move to the Cloud for their HCM, we’ve discovered three core essentials that every organization is always managing.

They make a compelling argument for why the Cloud is the right move.


How agile is the company? This question is assessing the company’s current HCM technology and overarching strategy. Can they support the existing business and move forward with their current HR systems?

AGILITY refers to your ability to grow your organization.


How reliable is their information? What data is a company using to make important decisions? How are they capturing their HR data? Does it provide quality insight or does it lack credibility?

ANALYTICS refers to your ability to know your organization.


Where is the company going? How are they steering their organization toward the future? How are they aligning their business processes with the strategic vision for 5-year, 10-year, and 20-year horizons?

ADMINISTRATION refers to your ability to lead your organization.


It’s about your company…not ours. Building and maintaining a competitive advantage requires a complete vision of human capital management. This requires experts who aren’t just selling products, but are changing companies. Our HRZ® CLOUD HCM, powered by SAP SuccessFactors, coupled with our HRZ® CLOUD APPS, powered by SAP Cloud Platform (JDMS®PAD™ and OrgInsight™), enables us to help you achieve your vision for HR in the cloud.

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