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On Thursday, February 23rd, we had the pleasure of presenting to SAP SuccessFactors customers at an SAP sponsored VIP Webinar.  This webinar gave us the opportunity to showcase the types of cloud application extensions we have built (and are building) and more importantly, the use cases and HR challenges we’re addressing by bringing these applications to this market for SAP SuccessFactors customers.

If you’re not sure what I’m referring to when I say “cloud application extensions” allow me to explain.  SAP SuccessFactors is a multi-tenant SaaS-based cloud platform that over 5,000 customers use for their core HR system-of-record, for Recruiting, Onboarding, Compensation, Learning, Talent Management, or various combinations of these products.  Many now use the entire HCM Suite.  However, as robust as the platform is, it does not, and will never, meet the needs of all customers, industry segments, nor regional requirements.  Nor will it be the source of all innovation in HCM cloud technology.  No one vendor can offer this to customers.

SAP knows this, so it introduced SAP Cloud Platform, a platform that is also in the cloud, and is designed to easily integrate (relatively speaking) with SAP cloud products, such as SAP SuccessFactors.  This is known as PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service).  And, we, as an SAP SuccessFactors partner, are able to build applications that leverage the SAP Cloud Platform, to bring innovative products to market that complement or extend the existing framework.

For those of you familiar with SAP SuccessFactors, this goes well beyond leveraging MDF (Meta-Data-Framework) and basic extensions that can be configured to address a specific customer’s needs, these are full-blown applications.

At HRIZONS, we are of the mindset that Continuous Innovation and Smart Partnerships is the “how” for bringing application extensions to an evolving HCM cloud marketplace. To that end, we have developed a new brand called HRZ® Cloud Apps and within it we are offering customers application extensions specifically designed for SAP SuccessFactors customers.  Many of them we’ve built and are building; some of them we resell.  In all cases, we implement and support to ensure our customers needs are met.

For example, a few years ago we built an application called JDMS® | Job Descriptions Made Simple.  This award winning application is a stand-alone application that is agnostic and can integrate with any HR technology.  However, when we took a deeper look at what SAP SuccessFactors customer’s specific needs were, we embarked on a project to build a JDMS for SAP SuccessFactors solution.  By leveraging SAP Cloud Platform, we were able to develop new functionality for customers and deliver it as a seamless user-experience.  To illustrate a simple use-case, when an employee needs to view and acknowledge their job description, with JDMS for SAP SuccessFactors the user can navigate to the job description and acknowledgement step without ever knowing they’ve left SAP SuccessFactors.  The end-user experience is so seamless it feels like it’s been delivered within the same platform.  And, in essence, it has been because we built this functionality on SAP Cloud Platform.

Another example is a new product we’re bringing to market by mid-year called PAD™ | Performance Accountability Dashboard.  In this case, we purpose-built the application to extend SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals product.  Again, the end-user experience is seamless and fluid, and all of the IT concerns about security, data privacy, etc. get addressed because PAD is delivered via SAP Cloud Platform, the same proven SAP security, data centers, operations, etc. that IT covets.

The last example I’ll bring up is called OrgInsight™ | Visualize Your Workforce, which is built on SAP Cloud Platform and can be sold to customers using any platform.  However, again, we’ve created some additional value for SAP SuccessFactors customers because of the seamless experience end-users will have using this innovative product that helps HR to become more analytical without having to be an “analyst” or “reporting expert”.

So, the HCM world is a changin’ with the advent of PaaS and we’re thrilled to be leading the charge as a thought leader and as a premiere solutions provider of cloud application extensions to the SAP SuccessFactors platform, while continuing to offer stand-alone solutions like JDMS.

To learn more, we welcome SAP customers to watch the recording our the VIP Webinar (S-user account required) at VIP Webinar: HRZ Cloud Apps for SAP SuccessFactors. If you’re not a current SAP customer and would like to learn more, please visit our website at Contact Us.  I know our team would love to speak to you!

Jim Newman – CEO, HRIZONS

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