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HRIZONS – Proud Sponsor of Integrate Or Die Podcast Series

HRIZONS® is thrilled to announce it’s sponsorship and launch of the Integrate Or Die video podcast series featuring Dr. Steve Hunt and Jordan Katz. It is a cutting-edge podcast series focused on accelerating growth and innovation in the HR technology market. Each episode features a spirited interview with an HR Technology innovator, entrepreneur, and/or expert practitioner who share their experiences and insights on the many facets of HR functions and the software solutions that support them.

The objective of this series is to fuel HR technology growth by doing two things. First, encouraging, and supporting the creation of great HR technology solutions that improve business performance and enhance employee experience. Second, discouraging the waste of company resources caused by the introduction of HR technology functionality that never gets used because it does not align with company goals and operational realities or meet employee needs and expectations.

We hope you enjoy all of the episodes!

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