SuccessConnect 2018 In Las Vegas – HRIZONS® Is Excited Is An Understatement!

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close and fall HCM Technology tradeshows are upon us in just two short weeks… if you’re like me and live in the northern hemisphere, you’ve done your best to enjoy every possible moment of sunshine!

With SuccessConnect 2018 Las Vegas coming up (for those of you that don’t know, this is SAP SuccessFactors’ annual customer/partner event for the Americas), I am extremely excited to be able to sponsor this wonderful event and I’ll tell you why in this article.

  1. We get to see many of our customers, a handful of existing and some new prospects, our friends at SAP and of course our coopetition and competitors face-to-face, which doesn’t happen often in today’s global, cloud world.
  2. We get to convene our team members in one location, which only happens at events like these. My only chagrin is that not all of our team members can attend each year.
  3. We get to showcase our latest and greatest when it comes to our cloud products and cloud services and we get to learn about your challenges, issues and opportunities and explore how we can assist.

If you’re in category #1, we very much encourage you to drop by our booth (S1) so we can meet in-person and get to know one another. We love hearing about your challenges and opportunities and we love to explore how we can help you achieve your vision for HCM Cloud with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Cloud Platform extensions.

How can we help you may ask? I was hoping you’d ask that question…

  1. Upgrade2Success – If you’re an established (dare I say legacy) SAP customer using SAP ECC HCM and are interested in making the move the the cloud with Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll, and any other products, we want speak to you! We have been helping customers make the move the cloud from legacy on-premise software for 12 years now and in the last two year, we’ve helped several SAP customers specifically move from SAP HCM to SAP SuccessFactors ranging from mid-size companies to large global companies using our HRZ® EXECUTION, Implementation Services. Drop by to learn more and to see how we can help with the implementation, data migration/replication to ECC and anything else you plan to accomplish as you upgrade to the cloud. Talk to our experts and gain insight from their experience.
  2. Post Go-Live Success – We are the veteran SuccessFactors partner and we can Optimize Your Install!! Did you know that we have optimized SAP SuccessFactors customers, post their original implementation, over 300 times? That means SuccessFactors customers come to us when they want experts to help them get more ROI out of their subscription. In fact, we’re the only remaining original SAP SuccessFactors partner in the eco-system that hasn’t been acquired by a larger company and we’re very proud of it! You get 12 years of experience and a boutique feel without sacrificing anything. And, in addition to optimizing many customers, we have developed a Managed Services offering for customers that want to be proactive, always. This offering gives customers access to a 24/7 Customer Portal to log and monitor tickets that our certified SAP SuccessFactors consultants action, every day. So you can get access to the same level of quality configuration and consulting you’d get if we were implementing for you. Our customers love this program and we encourage you to explore our offerings – HRZ® EVOLUTION Managed Services include: Premium Support, Core, Plus and Total.
  3. Awesome Cloud Apps – Since 2016, we have been bringing innovative, award winning applications and extensions to market for SAP SuccessFactors. In 2018, we now have three products: JDMS® | Job Descriptions Made Simple, PAD™ | Performance Accountability Dashboard, and OrgInsight™ | Visualize Your Workforce. All three products are fully integrated to SAP SuccessFactors and deployed on SAP Cloud Platform, either included in our deployment or deployed on your SAP Cloud Platform. So, if you have job description pain or want to take Goal Execution to the next levelfor your organization or want to visualize your HR data instantly in many forms, then drop by our booth to learn more. We’ll have product experts available to educate you about our products and, more importantly, to listen to your needs and challenges so we can begin the conversation towards achieving a successful outcome for your HR team and your organization.

So, am I excited – a resounding hell ya! I thoroughly enjoy meeting with customers and sharing all of our experience and expertise. And as one of the only truly independent SAP SuccessFactors partners left on the block, and of course being the only original SuccessFactors partner remaining, and one of the only that has a full suite of SAP SuccessFactors Services and Products deployed on SAP Cloud Platform, we like to showcase our capabilities and flex our muscles!

HRIZONS® is an HR Cloud Technology company, a Pinnacle Award winning SAP Gold Partner, and we live and breath HCM cloud each and every day, in fact it’s all we do!

If you’re fortunate enough to attend the event, I look forward to seeing you there. If not, no worries, we’re more than happy to engage in conversation with you at anytime. Just visit our website and submit a Contact Us form for the Service or Product you’re interested in and we’ll be sure to be in touch.

Best, Jim Newman, CEO, HRIZONS

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