What Is HXM (Human Experience Management) with SAP SuccessFactors?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is Human Experience Management in a visual snapshot? In essence, it is the alignment and amplification of value between the organization and its workforce.

Linking employee experience to customer experience, and to business outcomes, allows organizations to manage value growth holistically, to forecast desired results, and to be agile in closing gaps between expected and actual. 


Human Experience Management (HXM) is a recent direction of SAP SuccessFactors integrating its HCM (Human Capital Management) platform with Qualtrics EmployeeXM, an employee experience management platform. Combining these two cloud technology platforms enables organizations to go beyond streamlining user experience, automating HR workflows, and collecting/analyzing HR data. HXM enables the outcomes of all these HR processes to connect to the needs of the business in a systematic way.

From the enterprise’s employees, to its customers, to its financial returns, each successive HXM layer builds on the previous one, therefore compounding the value as an HXM practice takes hold and matures within the organization.  The gradual maturity of HXM relies on a few principles promoted by the Qualtrics XM Institute.

Data Consolidation

More often than not, the broad reach of HXM presents businesses with the reality and challenge of a fragmented data landscape. Building an HXM practice on a consolidated, scalable, and integrated technology platform is the first key step in the experience management journey.

Bias for Action

Data-driven insights are most effective when employed to confirm or adjust intentionality that precedes HXM.  Modeling expected outcomes as a part of the current and desired state of the organization, before deploying HXM, are key for readiness to take action once HXM insights are delivered to stakeholders. 

Trickle Up + Trickle Down

Once the Technology and the Process components of HXM are in place, the People element comes to the forefront. By its nature, HXM spans the entire organization from top to bottom. Employees’ intrinsic needs toward work are driven by a sense of meaning, a sense of choice, a sense of competence, and a sense of progress in relation to their professional lives. An interlocking suite of leadership competencies is also required to enable HXM from the top, to disrupt the status quo through design, leverage insights to drive the change, realize incremental value of the efforts, and sustain transformation programs.

Long-Term Outlook

HXM requires the organizational culture to evolve, so a long-term outlook is required for HXM success. Deploying cyclical assessments, maturity models, and change management are key to a successful Human Experience Management program.

The combination of SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics EmployeeXM provides customers with an integrated data layer to connect operational data with employee experience feedback as the foundation of HXM and its value chain. This HXM platform supports the rapidly evolving field of digital experience management practices in the marketplace.

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