Job Descriptions Made Simple (JDMS) For SAP SuccessFactors

Add JDMS to Your SAP SuccessFactors Landscape

Integrate JDMS into your SAP SuccessFactors platform to take your HR systems to the next level. JDMS is all about more control, and less hassle. Why? Because it’s time your organization’s management of job descriptions should be made simple for improved efficiency and easy scalability in the long-run.

How the JDMS extension can help you better leverage your SAP SuccessFactors:

  • Synchronizes job content with your SAP SuccessFactors platform
  • Offers users an integrated and seamless user experience
  • Eliminate the administrative burden of maintaining your job description library
  • Develop and standardize your job descriptions rapidly using a best-in-class solution
  • Improve governance with workflows, version control and role-based permissions
  • Drive employee engagement by aligning your workforce to job expectations

We’ve enhanced our award winning cloud HCM job description management solution, with an extension app built on SAP’s Cloud Platform. JDMS and SAP SuccessFactors together offer customers a seamless end-user experience with additional job description functionality, designed to address today’s digital HR needs.

View the video below to learn more about Job Descriptions Made Simple (JDMS) for SAP SuccessFactors.

Pedernales Electric Cooperative and their HRIS Manager, Whitt Eakman sit down with our CEO, Jim Newman, in this awesome customer interview about JDMS® | Job Descriptions Made Simple for SAP SuccessFactors.





Our leading edge technology, tools, and best practice consulting takes the hassle out of Job Descriptions.

In addition, we offer JDMS customers post go-live advisory and support services. All of this ensures your team always has access to qualified consultants, product experts and support team members. As your organization evolves we help you evolve with it — so end-users are always engaged, while you’re maximizing ROI.

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