Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud HCM with HRIZONS® at SuccessConnect 2017

If you’re attending or wishing you were able to attend SuccessConnect 2017 at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas next week, then you have to read this blog!

Seriously… start reading… it’s pretty good stuff, really good if you’re me but I must admit, I’m biased (wish they had emojis for this thing so I could emote my attempt at humor in these blogs… grrr!)

To say the HRIZONS team is excited about this year’s SuccessConnect 2017 in Las Vegas would be a terrible understatement to say the least.

If you’re attending in-person, please drop by Booth #7 and drop by to say hi, whether you’re a customer, partner, alumni or prospective customer, we’d love to see you there.

If you took note of the image I’ve posted for the article, we’re planning on having a lot of fun while having thoughtful, substantive conversations with companies looking to make the digital HR transformation to the cloud with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Cloud Platform. Our theme this year is “Hit the throttle and accelerate your journey to the Cloud with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Cloud Platform”. Why? We believe the time is now to help your organization fully take advantage of the all of the benefits the cloud offers (agility, seamless user-experience, extensibility (MDF and cloud apps), integration at the data, process, user-interface and analytics levels and the innovation that has come and continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

In addition to exhibiting, we have many other fun things planned at the event and welcome you to participate and interact with our team, including:

  1. @BrianSampson (VP, Tech Solns) and I are speaking at the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Breakfast on Wednesday, August 30th from 7-8:30am PT (yikes, early!! better set two alarms for this one…). We’ll be showcasing our HRZ® CLOUD APPS, powered by SAP Cloud Platform. This includes our newly released extension for Performance & Goals: PAD™ | Performance Accountability Dashboard (our first customer just went live to 150,000 employees btw, not too shabby for a first customer), our award winning JDMS® | Job Descriptions Made Simple for SAP SuccessFactors product (yes, we have improved it to seamless integrate with SuccessFactors and we have our first customer using this new extension on a panel at the event – PEC, and OrgInsight™ | Visualize Your Workforce for SAP SuccessFactors, a product you just have to learn more about if you are looking to improve HR insights and visualization of your HR data, and it comes with a pre-packaged integration to SuccessFactors. Pretty cool stuff and leading edge HR cloud tech leveraging the power of SAP HANA and SAP Cloud Platform. We can’t wait! And, in case you didn’t know, yes, there’s more, the new SAP SuccessFactors President, Greg Tomb (haven’t met him yet) will be kicking off this session, which is just prior to the Opening Keynote, and a hot breakfast is provided, if you get there early enough…. can’t wait to see you all there! RSVP today! If you miss the breakfast, or can’t get in (standing room only last year with people sticking their heads through the door – not kidding), drop by our booth as we’d be happy to speak to you 1:1 of course.
  2. HRIZONS is sponsoring two SAP networking receptions on Wednesday evening (not that we wouldn’t love to sponsor more but our resources and marketing funds can only go so far…); 1) Healthcare Reception at the Beauty & Essex Vault Room – Level 3, Boulevard Tower, and 2) General Business Networking Reception at the Rose Rabbit Lie Library – Level 2, Chelsea Tower. Both receptions begin at 6:00 pm and are in the Cosmopolitan Resort. Hope to see you there! I’ll do my best to roam both receptions and my team will certainly be at both.
  3. At our booth, we have many of our experts there including the one and only @GavinCockayne (SVP, Services & Consulting) and key members of his Services Team. And, @AlexCastillo (SVP, Sales & Business Development) and key members of his Sales Team. Drop by to say hi or to ask questions. The wealth, depth and breadth of expertise they have is scary good! Take advantage of it and share your challenges, concerns and opportunities with us so we can help you and share some knowledge – always fun conversations!
  4. Learn how we help customers accelerate to the cloud. Don’t believe that statement? Check out the latest Gartner Market Guide for SAP SuccessFactors where HRIZONS was recognized for its HCM cloud extensions and its services accelerators to help customers realize additional value from their investments in SAP SuccessFactors. We’re very proud of the recognition and we’re very excited to help you learn how we help customers maximize their ROI.
  5. Ask about HRZ® CLOUD HCM, powered by SAP SuccessFactors. What is it? Well, we’re an authorized reseller for this terrific product and we’re working with more and more customers that want to buy through us and take advantage of the value-adds we can include as a reseller – both services and cloud extensions. Not all customers know about the role we play as a reseller and we’d love to have that conversation with you.
  6. Remote Control Car give-aways – yes we mean plural meaning we have many cars to give away! It’s always fun to see the smiling faces when you get to bring home something fun and cool to share with your son, daughter, niece, nephew, etc. Plus we are loaded with toy race cars so you have something fun to bring home to the little ones if you aren’t fortunate enough to receive one of the remote control cars.

So, as you can see, we have a lot going on but at the end of the day, our objectives for this event are simple:

  • Share knowledge, thought leadership and innovation
  • Have fun and make it fun for those in attendance
  • Build awareness and build and foster relationships

Travel safe! We look forward to seeing you all there. Oh, and if you see someone walking around with an orange pit crew shirt on, tap them on the shoulder to say hi. Unless NASCAR or Formula 1 is holding an tradeshow nearby, chances are its one of ours…

Best, Jim Newman, President & CEO – HRIZONS

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