HCM, Leadership, and the Cloud: Why Analytics Matter

Analytics-Good information means better decisions.

Good decisions are made because of good data. And there are two essential components to good data:


Do you provide your people with an employee portal that makes updating and capturing data easy and intuitive? Capturing and updating HR data is the key to accuracy, integrity and relevance within your organization. Is it stored securely and managed consistently? Unreliable HR data slows down productivity and shatters confidence in the HR functions in an organization. Managers and employees must be equipped with good information if they’re going to be trusted for good leadership.


Do you make it easy for managers and employees to access, update and analyze HR data? Does leadership and HR trust the data and statistics? Giving your organization access to relevant, reliable HR data places a tool for good decision-making directly into your people’s hands.

The HRZ® CLOUD HCM, powered by SAP Successfactors, ensures customers have a single cloud-based HR system that provides employees with a seamless experience and gives HR an agile system that enables analytics and data management. HRIZONS’ cloud-based HCM solutions give you the tools you need to securely, efficiently access and manage HR data. And that data becomes the launch point for dependable analytics.

Analytics refers to your ability to KNOW your organization

From a place of knowledge, you can make informed decisions about personnel and performance. You can quickly capture broad or narrow views of your organization and can sort, read, and process pertinent information.


It’s about your company…not ours. Building and maintaining a competitive advantage requires a complete vision of human capital management. This requires experts who aren’t just selling products, but are changing companies. Our HRZ® CLOUD HCM, powered by SAP SuccessFactors, coupled with our HRZ® CLOUD APPS, powered by SAP Cloud Platform (JDMS®PAD™ and OrgInsight™), enables us to help you achieve your vision for HR in the cloud.

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