HCM, Leadership, and the Cloud: Why Agility Matters

HCM, the Cloud, and Your Company’s Agility

Using the Cloud for HCM sets a course for growth.

Within the context of HCM, agility is your capacity to change with the times. It’s how you remain relevant and proactive with communication and leadership. It’s how you drive retention and promote employee engagement. Agility allows you to keep your company HR processes in step with leadership’s goals and strategic growth plans.

Agility refers to your ability to GROW your organization.

At HRIZONS, we’ve found that companies can accomplish much more than they ever thought possible by utilizing cloud-based HCM resources (services like SAP SuccessFactors). They can move toward growth, support their employees, set a trajectory, and keep on course.

Using HRIZONS cloud-based solutions for your HCM resource allows you to make room for growth and expansion within your organization without overly taxing your people or processes. It allows information to be readily accessible. And it doesn’t force your people to be constantly managing it.

Keeping your company agile will also keep your company poised for growth.


It’s about your company…not ours. Building and maintaining a competitive advantage requires a complete vision of human capital management. This requires experts who aren’t just selling products, but are changing companies. Our HRZ® CLOUD HCM, powered by SAP SuccessFactors, coupled with our HRZ® CLOUD APPS, powered by SAP Cloud Platform (JDMS®PAD™ and OrgInsight™), enables us to help you achieve your vision for HR in the cloud.

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