Job Descriptions Made Simple!! CITI Award Winner

If you read my February 12th post on LinkedIn, you know that HRIZONS® was invited to participate in CITI’s (Citibank) first ever Smarter Worklife Challenge to showcase our JDMS® | Job Descriptions Made Simple SaaS solution.

Well, I’m pleased to say that HRIZONS was awarded the Top Career Information Management Solution Award (, which includes the opportunity to explore piloting JDMS® at Citi.  Exciting, right?!  A virtual pat on the back for our team!!!!

As I mentioned in my first post, we’re pretty proud of this award because it validates what we at HRIZONS already knew – job descriptions matter!  Not only do they matter, they are an incredibly important component of the HR infrastructure and the job content housed within the job descriptions is completely underutilized within organization’s HR technology landscape, never mind compliance and risk management implications that are typically left exposed for organizations.

Take for example recruiting.  Recruiters create job ads every week, if not every day, in most large organizations, to fill vacant positions.  But what is the source of the job ad?  The recruiter’s personal stash of job ads from past job postings? The hiring manager’s version of the job for his/her location, region, division, etc.?  Or, heaven forbid, HR’s version of the job description!  It’s likely one of the first two options of course.  How sad!  HR should be enabling recruiters and hiring managers with a standardized, well written job description that sets the right expectations for the role, addresses key hiring thresholds, and keeps the company compliant with key HR regulations.

Now imagine if HR was proactive and leveraged leading edge cloud technology to consolidate, manage and govern their job descriptions, designed the job content so that it was versatile and formatted to fully integrate with HCM technologies like their core HR system, their recruiting system, maybe even their entire suite of HCM and Talent technology if they’re that advanced, and ultimately designed their processes to fully support end-user use cases like the simple example I raise above – a library of job descriptions easily accessible to the recruiters, with job ads ready to go, that not only reduces the time it takes to generate a job ad, but ensures it’s consistent with the organization’s expectations for the job, fully compliant and properly positions what the job expectations and hiring thresholds truly are in the job market to compete for top talent.  Not a bad idea!

At HRIZONS, we truly believe in making things simple.  That doesn’t mean that addressing this fundamental job description problem in HR is simple to easy to fix, it’s clearly not.  However, the art of simplicity is taking the complex and making it simple for the end-users that have to execute the process designed to support the business strategy and the outcomes desired.  That’s what makes this kind of work so much fun.  We take something relatively complex and make it simple for HR to enable and for the organization to execute with a combination of technology, consulting, implementation and post go-live advisory and support services.

So, on that note, we can’t wait to speak to CITI about their job description pain points and needs so we can begin to explore how we can alleviate their pain, and ultimately help them turn this pain point into a strategic opportunity to leverage job content and further their strategic initiative, which is to improve the “Employee Journey” at CITI, something we, at HRIZONS, fully support.

Learn more about HRIZONS’ JDMS® | Job Descriptions Made Simple, and find out how this innovative HCM cloud solution can transform your organization.

Jim Newman, CEO @ HRIZONS

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